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How to buy wholesale

To buy in WholeSale, first log in to your account previously created here, if you are already logged in go to the product(s) you want to buy and you will see a table with prices by quantity, as you add the price will drop according to the quantity you choose

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About Us

Welcome to R&M Vapes – The Ultimate Destination for Every Vaping Enthusiast, with a Flair!

Established in 2020 and based in sunny Florida, USA, R&M Vapes is a dedicated vape brand that takes pride in offering a remarkable collection of innovative and stylish, premium vape devices at the best prices for both retail and wholesale customers.

Our exceptional lineup of disposable vape pens and e-cigs is meticulously designed to focus on top-notch performance and affordability while catering to the diverse preferences of avid vapers around the globe. Besides offering you an extensive range of rechargeable and disposable vapes in a variety of flavors, their fun, quirky designs will make a statement wherever you take them. Some of our models also feature stunning visual tanks with RGB flashlights, making your vaping experience even more interactive and satisfying.

What sets R&M Vapes apart from the rest is our unwavering commitment to providing not just the best products but also the best prices. With most of our vaping devices ranging from 5500 puffs to 10000 puffs, you'll be amazed to find that our prices are similar to those of other brands offering just 2500 puffs. We’re committed to keeping our prices affordable so every vaping fan can experience the very best.

At R&M Vapes, we believe in creating a community of like-minded individuals passionate about vaping as we are. We warmly invite retailers, wholesalers, and entrepreneurs to join our thriving Wholesale Program and be part of our growing community of vapers. By partnering with R&M Vapes, you can reap the benefits of collaborating with a brand that values quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction above all else.

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